First-Quarter Moon in Libra

The Moon is finally in Libra, approaching First Quarter, and if youse thought things might ease up, then I’d say nah… The Chiron factor makes the Cancer Sun extra crabby and reactive to his cause to feel protected and secure.

The Libra Moon habitually reflects this by expecting others to notice her sensitivity to discord and aggression, to which she responds with emotional touchiness if confronted in any way.

Currently opposite Jupiter, we feel the lib-lunar effects of taking offence and indignation but not knowing what to make of it all.

What does it all mean?

Tending to go with what is least hurtful to our sensitive feelings and most injurious to those who have crossed us, some grave mistakes can be made.

When manipulations don’t work, we revert to an abrasive attitude of independence and indifference or vent wounded feelings to gain attention.

As Jupiter’s semisquare to Saturn tightens, we can see that from this time onward, nothing is ever enough to meet our standards, and we struggle, one attempt at reform after another, in our desire to get it ‘right’, but right for who?

This is shaping up to be a super hella moonth. I’ll be back to discuss in-depth on ‘cosmic bus’ tomorrow, so please join, it’s fascinating, and a little frightful what’s happening here…

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