“MAKING ENDS MEET” – Mercury’s Retrograde, May/June 2022

Mercury turns retrograde in an air sign in all three instances this year, indicating that the dissemination of many ideas currently circulating requires critical rethinking and review.

On each occasion, in January, May and October, our ‘messenger god’ dips back into an earth sign before turning direct into air again.

Is Mercury trying to ground an idea before going ahead with it, or is he trying to bury it?

There’s been much discussion of ideas and some degree of mental anxiety this year; circumstances have been racing along faster than our logical minds can process them; bring them down to earth.

Great ideas must be seeded in substance; they must be made practical, regulated (Capricorn), monetised (Taurus), and made functional (Virgo) before we can effectively include them in our business. This is the Mercurial process of 2022.

With Saturn also in airy Aquarius, many social reforms and humanitarian directives are currently being pressed upon us via mainstream social narratives.

Saturn is now stationing, about to retrograde on June 4 at 25°♒15. He will critically scrutinise, re-examining that all that he has been laying down since February, however progressive, is taking hold in the mindset of conventional society. This is a heavy, triple-check process that will take the rest of the year.

Massive disruptions to this process continue into and beyond September, due to revolutionary pushbacks on liberties and freedoms from Jupiter and Uranus.

On May 10 Mercury turned retrograde in the first few degrees of Gemini. After 25 days in the most fluent of air signs Mercury will dip back into Taurus on May 24. As we sit, waiting for Elon to clinch the deal with Twitter; the jury to deliberate on Johnny’s case; the supreme court to rule on Roe v. Wade; decisions on whether to keep funding unwinnable wars, etc., there are some serious decisions that you need to make for yourself.

Grounding our thoughts basically means to summon our focus on what is happening for us physically, either in our body, our physical world (material things, finances etc) or in our surroundings, instead of being trapped by the thoughts in our mind that may be causing us to feel anxious.

By the end of this month and into June, Mercury will station at 26°♉05′ (Jun 3), forming a tight square to Saturn, giving a fairly gloomy cast to the mind. Thoughts on how to afford and pay for things (Mercury in Taurus) clash with society’s pressure to qualify, verify and define everything according to whether it is for the progressive good of all.

The status quo tries to rule over this, and we can trust Saturn to get it right, but will he? In the worst case, this can drive stubborn, self-willed narrow-mindedness, and mistrust of everything we meet. Anxiety, caution, prudent verification and even timidity are almost bound to play a part in ordinary contacts and also in our thinking.

One thing is important, we mustn’t rush things.

Grounding our thoughts is a practice that can help pull us away from flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging concerns.