MOON now in Scorpio over the SOUTH NODE and the exact degree at which it will form a total eclipse (Mag. 1.4141) next month.

Take note of what is not happening for you at the most intimate levels – you are preparing to release particularly stressful and controlling habits, tendencies to behave in extreme ways when your needs are not being met.

Over the next few weeks, observe and even write down in your journal which habits and attachments are weakening, draining, depressive, unfortunate, or unsupportive. Note down where you are losing control and why, where you feel powerless, hopeless, overcome with sorrow, withdrawn, fearful, paranoid, negative or in grief.

Whilst the Solar Eclipse (Apr 30) will bring a tremendous power surge, it may shake things up considerably due to its proximity to URANUS. Use this time to power down, relax, recede into your solitude and spirituality, psychic reconnection, renounce infantile ways, give selflessly, release toxins and toxic connections, cleanse and rest your body.

Give yourself adequate, loving rest.

These eclipses are ‘cursed’ by Saturn’s current square to the Nodal axis, indicating a thwarting of ambition and progress for humanity by prevailing social forces.

Whilst these may seem out of our control, imposing fearfulness about our future and a weird kind of ‘progressive conservatism’ they may be as simple as acting to prevent our feeling like we’re in the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities that the society usually offers.

Feeling isolated by society or becoming reclusive is not uncommon, and must be used to reconstitute our power – our inner power, not the power we think we hold over others in our family or social position.