Virgo Full Moon Horoscopes

As I’ve been saying all year, 2022 is the one with the lot, and if the past three lunations haven’t nudged you yet, then maybe the next few will most certainly shift you out of your old comfort zone and into a whole new dimension of experience.

Starting with this next Full Moon, only two days away, and then two more days before the big EQUINOX, is a perfect string of ultra-nebulous Pisces planets (SUN-NEPTUNE-JUPITER-MERCURY) opposing the Virgo Moon. What times?? Is this humanity’s swan song, or our transition out of this dank, caterpillar world into a fairy-like realm where everyone we love looks something like self-propelled flowers?

Best stay grounded, and to help you along, here’s your amazing empowering horoscope messages – don’t say I don’t pack you adequately for this cosmic journey. Log in and enjoy xx