As a kid, I wasn’t much into ballgames, but I remember the hissy grande mal schoolyard tantrums thrown by those kids who, whether because they were too spoilt or severely damaged, would spitefully snuff out the joy once an activity turned to their disadvantage.

“I’m taking my bat and ball and going home” was the belligerent warcry of the psycho superbrat who, when he doesn’t get his way, would openly lose his composure and wreak vengeance on those too dubious to accept his unyielding mandates.

By dramatically abdicating one’s active participation, sabotaging the play, or spitefully removing the critical tools of the game, one could effectively ruin all hope of a happy outcome for all.

Classic Scorpio South Node stuff…

Yeah, that’s right: it’s effectively “game over, folks” till we finally figure out that those we kindly allow into our creative ‘love-zone’ are possibly possessed with a malicious mind-virus, which sooner or later is going to detonate, unleash all hell, and ruin it for everyone.

As Frey once said about fellow eagle, Henley, “no one can suck the fun out of a room faster than that dude…”

Leading into the next Full Moon is a hiveful of dramas, which I want to pick apart gingerly, and with an appropriate degree of love and understanding. Everyone has their breaking point, and over the next 18 months, we are all going to be somewhat tested, especially if we stray from the centre towards the edges.

Our last session touched briefly on this fixed dilemma, citing a few personal and current public examples, like the Rogan/Young conundrum and NATO ‘tensions’ in Ukraine. Please join me tomorrow (regular time) as we continue to examine what it’s really all about, and why indeed you should even be bothered…


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