Join me for a special Cosmic Bus episode tomorrow (usual time) where we expand further on the astrology of this moment- the VENUS-MARS- VESTA-PLUTO conjunction at the summit of 28 Capricorn.

Like 1776, 1531, 1284… a most interesting development, since it echoes the collapse of an old reality structure and the reformation of something totally new…

In the meantime, those of you (like me) who rise hours before dawn will observe the darkening Moon move from the tightening VE-MA-PL-VS stellium to the ME-SA conjunction in the eastern skies. It is a spectacular heavenly picture, and the ancients would have been in awe at the omens.

Whilst intellectually cold as ice, emotionally, this can be a horrendously cruel and volatile time and those who can hold themselves together, ie., refrain from unconsciously projecting their tempestuous desires upon the smoky-mirror matrix will make an easier ride of this. Meditation, or mindfulness, is the key to seeing why all the bizarre goings-on in our world are an absolutely necessary part of the many different cycles, now simultaneously coming up for reform, renewal and regeneration.

I look forward to expanding on all this, and much more for you, tomorrow, at 00:00 UTC – 16:00 PST – 17:00 MST – 18:00 CST – 19:00 EST – 11:00 AEDT – 02:00 SAST.