“Was It All Just a Dream?” – NEPTUNE stations direct at 20°24′ PISCES

Our species is currently in the grips of a psychotic mind-virus – the greatest epidemic disease known to humanity. Originating deep within those who suffer ancestral soul-sickness, it can potentially either wipe us all out or wake us all up. It all depends on whether we can see clearly what it is revealing to us or we continue to sink into the mire of illusion.

When NEPTUNE rolls direct again:

♆ Avoid using isolated objects and incidents as a means to shift blame/victimise
♆ Broaden our narrow vision; loosen established narratives
♆ Allow the deeper, mythic process to unveil the essential story.
♆ Cease superimposing our limiting views and beliefs onto the waking dream
♆ Allow life to reveal its dreamlike nature

…forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness.

Those I speak to that appear bereft of an intellectual response seem devastated by the mind-bug. Paradoxically, they reflect the same assumption about me. We see the parasite’s delusory effects mirroring, confusing the tools of our rational intellect, rendering it as unfit to cope with the aftereffects of infection as it was in preventing it.

If you got caught in the rip, Neptune will start to break new ground again in Mar 2022. Meantime, enjoy the surf back to shore.

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