“The Truth About Your Truth”- A Reflection on the Gem/Sag Eclipse Journey

More than ordinary lunations, eclipses, which occur every six months, punctuate our spiritual journey. Eclipses have a profound way of highlighting the attitudes and behaviours that we must leave behind in the effort to continue our inner growth. It can be a struggle since the backward pull to cling to our old ways can be overwhelming.

The Total Solar Eclipse along the Sagittarius South Node ushers a final, unambiguous call to let go of failing ideologies and beliefs that are stagnating our individual and collective progress

No one is above celestial law. We can try to pull the odd swifty over one another; mock natural law like we’re its ordained left arm, and with enough ministerial force may even succeed… for a while.

But there comes a point where the truth will out…


Here, in the links below, are your intensive horoscope messages for each Sign. They serve to outline why the events of the past 18 months have been so critical, both to our personal development and in the greater context of our lives. May they help to bring clarity, balance, understanding and guidance through these incredibly turbulent times.

Read both your Sun sign (ego-development) and Rising sign (personal affairs) to get a more complete picture of what has been the main theme in your life since May 2020, and what this powerful Solar Eclipse (Saturday, Dec. 4) is warning you to bid farewell… Enjoy!

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(Cover Art by Vladamir Kush)

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