POST-ECLIPSES [Cosmic Bus Tomorrow]

POST-ECLIPSES, and we are already seeing that many of our old-world narratives and beliefs are now all but completely upgraded, supplanted by a more snazzy, one-size-fits-all, shut-up & take-this, progressively rationalistic approach to life.

By this stage, you are either successfully onboard or left somewhat straggling behind like a horse’s ass in the ruins of a past which, at best, can only be romanticised as an over-the-top set of misfired projections and unfulfilled promises. With Venus in Capricorn, you’ve been assessing whether your investments in people, places and things have indeed paid off and if not, probably trying to work out where you went wrong and what to do with all your (potentially) worthless tickets, artifacts and monuments.

As Venus slows to retrograde over Pluto, one gets a sense that we’ve placed all our eggs in one basket. Dividends will either leave you insanely rich or desperately broke, while lovers will have the power to totally absolve you from past sins or crush your pathetic little heart [ughh…]With Mars approaching the SN, and SATURN edging closer to another square against URANUS (again), circumstances can only be dealt with in a brutally dispassionate, live-and-let-die, executive fashion, but not without protest. Riot, ruin & revolt must not be discounted in our times.

Says a lot for the December holiday spirit, don’t it? The world’s never been as divided. On the home front, you will notice that regular family members and affiliates are conspicuously missing from the usual festivities. Meanwhile, others, some long-lost in absentia, may sprout up again, as if zombies risen from the dead, looking out for love, or at least to take your place/job/presents.

The only way to handle this moment is ice-cold, with zero expectations, but then, with all this Capricorn/Saturn energy… well… how shall I put this? So much to talk about on our next bus episode, here at about this time TOMORROW – where there is always love, kindness and understanding ❤ – see you live x


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