Last-Quarter Moon at 05°28′ Virgo “Just Look at This Mess”

Something is nagging away at the overly expectatious Sagittarian Sun, now most restless and brash thanks to his conjunction with winged messenger Mercury. He’s full of it – has a lot to expound, to sound proficient and profound, yet at this last-quarter lunation, just the mere notion of the punctilious Virgo Moon is unsettling his usual wild pontificating jams.

Has he overstepped his bounds again?
Does he even have bounds??
Wait… what are ‘BOUNDS’ again?

Anyway, Moon seems pissed. He can tell by that scowl and her huffing armcrossery that he’s committed something terribly vexatious (again), which he’s ok with btw, but to even dare to enquire exactly what’s eating her might invite further aggravation and dismay, for she can always spot when he’s being blatantly blasè and disingenuous with her.

She knows all his weaknesses. Employing her astonishing powers of scrutiny, she has a knack for cutting through all his sloppy-assed crap. Still, he knows he cannot ever hope to meet the perfectionistic demands she sets for him.

Wary of her bad temper and nervous tension, her scathing sarcasm, which at times can border on malice, his best bet is to front up and face the music. Anyways, with such a thick hide, he knows that the sooner he cops his obligatory whipping and rolls out with the gratuitous apologies, the faster he can get back to reoffending, perhaps bigger and better than before.

Yeah, that could work.
After all, a horse is a horse, of course…

Sadge believes he’s a law unto himself, a god, as it were. Here, the devil’s in the details…

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