Eclipse Time Cosmic Bus – Stopping Soon

When the North Node shifted into Gemini in May 2020, we were invited to come together, enter the discussion and try to see eye to eye. By creating a bilateral dialogue, listening to one another, we hoped to evolve our soul by learning to recognise each other’s point of view.

During the cosmic transiting of the Dragon’s Head in Gemini, we were each summoned to be civil, genial and kind, to play our integral part in the development of a greater, more whole society.

Yet, like the serpent’s tail, the allure of the Sagittarian South Node dragged us back into the spirit of dogma. Gradually, righteous beliefs and pontificating dictates were being propagated, generating an awful cacophony of narratives. Exposing our most regressive underbelly, we were rather inclined to point fingers and “tell it how we sees it”, imposing our own moral opinion as absolute truth rather than consider the other side.

This vexatious North/South polarity, punctuated by its signature series of eclipses has produced much argument and rancour between many of us who refused to listen or even agree to come to the table. Along with other celestial alignments, this 19-month transit has produced a powderkeg of discord and division among humanity, just ready to blow.

It is nearly eclipse time again, my friends. These are arguably the most tumultuous events of our year. Eclipses bring the stark dichotomy of the nodal axis to its logical finale, throwing curveballs and wildcards into even our best-laid plans.

Over the next week, we will all feel the crescendo of intensity personally and our skies, both inner and outer, will be lit. We have much to talk about, and I will begin my series of analyses on the coming events in a special episode of the cosmic bus (see times below).

Join me in a convivial, relaxed discussion that always aims to see all 12 sides of the picture with neutral impartiality and cosmic clarity, thanks to our stars and the astrology of now.

Sunday Night (USA)/Monday Morning

00:00 UTC – 16:00 PST – 17:00 MST – 18:00 CST – 19:00 EST –
11:00 AEDT – 02:00 SAST