PLUTO, now stationed to DIRECT, SQUARE ERIS

Pluto’s pulverising process is profoundly painful, even for those who fail to feel a thing, blindly assisting in the enslavement and possible extinction of all humanity. The fundamental values of liberty and truth are granted to all, yet we must fight to preserve them, for ourselves and for each other.

The mass frenzy we are currently experiencing among us would not be the first time our ‘intelligent’ species has become possessed by the scourge of psychotic rage, intolerance and hell-bent divisiveness. Spiritual growing pains. Evolution into a new, lighter body.

In 1924, warning about “…pestilences, methodically prepared and launched upon man and beast was surely being carried out in the laboratories of more than one great nation…” Winston Churchill raised dire concerns about the perils of chemical and biological warfare, and the failure of global ethical bodies such as the then ‘League of Nations’ to monitor and control mankind’s madness and depraved hunger to find means of self-destruction.

Later, after the nuclear holocausts of the second world war he wrote:

“Mankind has never been in this position before. Without having improved appreciably in virtue or enjoying wiser guidance, it has got into its hands for the first time the tools by which it can unfailingly accomplish its own extermination.

Death stands at attention, obedient, expectant, ready to serve, ready to shear away the peoples en masse; ready, if called on, to pulverise, without hope of repair, what is left of civilisation. He awaits only the word of command. He awaits it from a frail, bewildered being, long his victim, now—for one occasion only—his Master.”
~ Winston S. Churchill, The Gathering Storm (1948)

The threat of existential annihilation is not new. In fact, I’m sure it’s part of Pluto’s chthonic ebb and flow process to wrest us out of our old bodies/structures. The more our societies are broken up and comminuted by endemic corruption, lies and artificial forces, the more intensely we yearn to reconstitute and proclaim our fundamental unity anew.

Something special is happening.
A wholescale revival of our highest selves is dying to come through.
This cannot occur until we are fully prepared to endure the painful ordeal of loss and its accompanying grief.
Learn to let go of it, all; keep your soul pure and light; free of past baggage.

This could be your final voyage…


We shall reconvene for a fresh lunation report very soon xx