Retrograde Planets 2021

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The Pisces Moon now approaches Neptune, after passing Jupiter.

Jupiter is now about to retrograde back into Aquarius. It was so nice having him in Pisces for a bit. Through Jupiter, we seek a narrative, some cohesive story; a greater understanding of the world we live in as well as a sense of moral truth, harmony and justice. Jupiter in Pisces opened our eyes to the wonders of a quantum reality, a place where anything can mean anything, if only to ourselves. As such, we understand how this must be for everyone else, and begin to show tolerance and compassion for their beliefs, even if they don’t sound at all like our own.

Basically, Jupiter provides our life with meaning and a positive reason to get out of bed each morning. When transiting Jupiter turns retrograde it is as if the great beneficiary turns this quest for purpose inwards. Hence, our growth and understanding is more likely to come through deep, self-contemplation of things we have studied and new experiences. we may reflect back on recent experiences, piecing things together through philosophical reflection rather than ritual and religion. meditation and inner journeying rather than travel and wider experience.

  • Pluto Retrograde (Apr 27 – Oct 6)
  • Saturn Retrograde (May 23 – Oct 10)
  • Jupiter Retrograde (Jun 20 – Oct 18)
  • Neptune Retrograde (Jun 25 – Dec 1)
  • Chiron Retrograde (Jul 16- Dec 20)
  • Eris Retrograde (Jul 21 – Jan 11)
  • Uranus Retrograde (Aug 20 – Jan 19)

Eris now joins Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde, and with Uranus set to follow suit in the coming weeks, we should prepare for a rather subdued, 4-5 months of introspective focus on things, where the emphasis is to evaluate, re-work or develop in our own unique way before expressing outwardly.

Usually, when transiting planets retrograde, they force us to work on archetypal facets of ourselves that we perhaps did not completely grasp, especially if they formed aspects to our natal chart since entering their Rx shadow period. Any developments that remain latent, or issues that have not yet come to a head will now start to operate on a more psychological level. Not only do retrograding planets apply their quintessential energies in a more inward way in our lives; they also tend to hamper our expression, at times operating in an indirect, compulsive or otherwise unconscious manner.

In any sense, planets moving in retrograde not only provide us with an opportunity to more intimately understand the nature of their specific influence in our lives but also enhances our capacity to access their hidden potentials and bring them into greater alignment with our inner voice.

Generally, retrograding planets will produce fewer external circumstances in our lives than when direct. However, they will more noticeably influence our feelings, thoughts, attitudes as well as the health of our physical body. Planets that station to turn retrograde precisely in aspect to one of your natal planets will produce a much more profound impact upon your life. Pay attention to those. The psychological crisis experienced during these intense stationary periods will profoundly recalibrate your personal energies so that you may once again begin to express outwardly both the frictions and capabilities of that planet developing inside you once the retrograde is complete and out of its shadow. Although much of this won’t happen until early 2022, what occurs in the meantime will activate many of you reading this in such a way that you will acknowledge at least one thing: How you choose to take action from this point forward will be life-shaping for you and your future reality for a very long time to come.

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