As the world turns, it burns. Ignited in raptures of all kinds of inflammation and conflagration, it would seem that the coolest place for the autonomous individual is to be jetting off into space.

Whilst outwardly, space travel might appear to be the privilege of only a few, entitled billionaires, this is merely a symbolic gesture of the indomitable human endeavour to transform by venturing out to the unexplored realms of one’s vast, subjective cosmic experience. Yet, there is indeed another space worthy of exploration – one accessible to all of us. It is the space within, where one may discover that they are already perfect, whole, and impeccably true.

Inner space is pure consciousness; the inexhaustible source from which all thoughts and perceptions come and go. This is the space from which we, cosmonauts, observe our universe on the bus.

07/17/2021 @10:11:38 UTC

Saturday’s First Quarter Moon symbolises a most intense moment in our evolutionary journey – the Cardinal Grand Cross created by the Sun/Moon on the Pluto/Eris cuts precisely along the Nodal Axis, presenting us with a bounty of rich symbolism by which to navigate our way through inner and outer space. Every problem we have in this life is the result of losing our bearings. In a time of mass psychosis, the entire world seems caught up in the content of its own distorted thinking; it would seem that the solution to every one of our problems is to find our way back home. My invitation for you to meet me, tomorrow, live on the cosmic bus…

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