MARS/PLUTO/ERIS can be like this psycho city’s sitting on a powderkeg, waiting for the Aries Moon to spark him off on grand mal seismic meltdown. Whatever you do, don’t mention the “thing”…

Pluto, in patriarchal Capricorn (2008-2024) stealthily continues to call the shots, as if directly from the playbook of Niccolò Machiavelli’s 16th-century political masterpiece “the Prince”. Again, we see the dark underlord flexing divisive administrative strategies of social control upon the masses which, whilst apparently may suit the “haves”, further alienates and disenfranchises the “have nots”. Mars, activating the Pluto/Eris point, makes this fight for power and control rather personal. Those triggered under this dynamic (see your own natal planets/points at 23°-27° cardinal signs) will take the largely unconscious pressures building in the collective and sense it through the ire and anger of Mars somewhere in their lives.

Some of the manipulative gaslighting measures authoritarians have been employing to distract, cajole, misinform and cover-up the truth away from those under their power; the use of subliminal mind-control and propaganda; creating ‘problems’ or ‘crises’, then offering amazingly comprehensive solutions or state-sanctioned protections; introducing drastic new restrictions, censure or chastising measures to the naive, who will gladly sacrifice some of their power (freedom to choose) today in hope that things will be better tomorrow; targeting the juvenile, weak, feeble-minded and moronic to deceive into becoming early adopters of an unpopular policy; promoting guilting and shaming; secret surveillance and arresting those who conspire to disagree or show signs of dissent; forced imprisonment and brutal punishment are typical manifestations of the activated Pluto in Capricorn, whose ambitious aims for total control is gradually achieved by devising means to keep the masses in ignorance and mediocrity….

One thing about all that, of course, is this eclipse…

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