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Who’s been a bit gullible?

Anyone who believes the hocus pocus fed to them over these past few weeks may be regrettably entranced by the incomprehensible phantasms cast upon the human mind by tricksters so cunning and unethical that, in the end, they only desire to deceive themselves further.

Those who have surrendered their faculties of reason, mesmerised into the cult of belief, are left with zero defences against the absurdities of the most frightful cheats and swindlers. Because they want to. Because to hear the truth would crush them.

Dare I say, those who are strongly adherent to their fantasies and faiths could well be left at sea just like a ship without a rudder, their minds tossed mercilessly about by swirling winds and tides, dumped like a flotsam morsel on some deserted wasteland……

sounds divine, doesn’t it?

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