Scorpio, the Snake and Our Fascination with Forbidden Fruit

The Scorpio Supermoon sheds light on our darker, sexier side. Dark because there are some things so painful we’d prefer to keep to ourselves; sexy because they’re so deliciously tempting that we feel compelled to find ways to share those with someone we can trust.

Trust is hard.
We have a whole history of being epically let down.

Our Scorpio side remembers; it knows better than to open our prissy little box of dark secrets – a primordial fear we all share in our bones of being betrayed, abandoned, ridiculed, expelled… whatever.

Betrayal of trust goes as far back as the Adam and Eve story and their fateful encounter with that slithery snake, somewhere in the Garden of Eden. I love that story. It’s kinda sexy, but very dark indeed:

[CAUTION: Biblical Scenes; Could Be Disturbing]

“…and then God said, “make yourself at home up here, dude, have whatever thou wants, just… of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil… don’t eat from that: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”
~ Genesis 2:16–17 (Ang version)

So, ok, a bit over the top there, with the instructions, but I love how God only addresses the dude, not his babe. She, in her unconsciousness, becomes subjected to the manipulative ploys of the Snake…

“…and the Serpent said unto the woman, “Wake.Up.Sheeple! You.Surely.Will.Not.Die!! For God only knows, that the day you feast on THEM apples, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing both good and evil”
~ Genesis 3:4–5 (Ang version again)

Of course, we all know what happened next. Eve became intrigued and uncontrollably obsessed with this ‘forbidden fruit’. Realising what a dullard Adam was, her temptation for greater wisdom just couldn’t hold out, so she pilfered fruit from the forbidden tree, then slipped a little to Adam, causing them both to become all too aware of their nakedness. They tried everything to cover up their pink bits with fig leaves and to hide their shame from God, who by this action was so pissed he kicked them both out of the garden and into the cold, dark universe that we know now.

This is one story of our fall from consciousness.

If only we could only just remember that we have everything we need in this moment, be not tempted by that which is forbidden or taboo. This takes enormous trust – a power we unconsciously hold within, but all too often is reduced to fear and insecurity, so we become seduced into giving our power away in our search of carnal knowledge of our ills and weaknesses through others…

[art: Emily Balivet]

Something in you remembers everything.
Not the quiet, tranquil moments,
for they are available to you easily
whenever you commune with nature,

but the rough and stormy times.
when you thought it was all over
and you feared that you were going to die, or worse.
You carry memory of all the hard and gruesome times,
they are within you, stored inside every cell of your being

looking for ways to reenact them
trying to tempt others to help you along
partake in acting out the conflict and the misery,
share in the primordial pain by spreading your disease.

The one true constant in you knows,
remembers everything your body fails to recollect,
trying so hard to make you consciously remember
through your unconscious interactions with this world.

Pity you cannot bring yourself to live in nature;
to be content to be your natural-being self,
just as you did before the fall……

but that wouldn’t be so sexy now, would it?

Where are you storing pain, and how are you remembering…

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