PLUTO contacts the NODES

[art: Kavan the Kid]

All human beings, at some point in their lives, encounter the crippling effects of guilt, suffering or death – life’s tragic triad, which grips the ego into a state of paralysis and sends the individual into an existential crisis. When PLUTO makes contact with the NODES (Apr-Jul), we all share in the effects of such a crisis together with others.

Pluto holds a sustained Sesquisquare to the True Nodal axis (<2 degree orb)
From ‘The Combination Of Stellar Influences’, Reinhold Ebertin

Given the slow but irreversible admission that so many aspects of our ‘old world’ are crumbling down around us; ie., the loss of perceived ‘freedoms’ our entitled selves assumed we had; the crisis ahead serves as a challenge to make the best possible use of each moment of our lives.

Guilt, suffering and death actually exist in every moment where we have failed to be lucid, present and accountable. Losing everything that tied us to the toxicity of linear-defined ‘success’ of the former patriarchal world. Of course, there will be some tragedy and grief experienced by many here, especially the ‘winners’ and the ambitious runners-up.

After all our lofty plans and expectations ultimately come to ruin, the last of our freedoms will be to choose which attitude to adopt in any newly emergent circumstance.

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