Pluto and the Disease of Control

art: Igor Morski

PLUTO’s full-blown control-freaks and powermongers are more like necrophiliacs now; their sick desire to control the entire planet, suck out all of life is a perverse violation against our very nature whose abundant creative force and spontaneity they both crave and fear. More and more, this invisible lust for power is a morbid grab toward total death and destruction itself, something by which they are secretly aroused.

From a cosmic perspective, our planetary attempts at ‘civic’ orderliness; our shambolic effort at “civilization” has once again become exposed as being merely an infectiously virulent, metastasizing eruption of mass psychosis, threatening to destroy not only its human host but also the entire biosphere that supports life, both on earth and under our seas. Apparently, this is what happens when Pluto transits the Capricorn – empires fall. However, this time the dark underlord’s ravenous, voracious, rapacious hunger for glory, status, money, influence, political supremacy will cause it to literally devour everything on the planet, including, finally, itself.

His ruthlessness knows no boundaries; his ambition tramples over all frontiers; his corruption eats away at any edges; his obnoxious arrogance obliterates any limitations, however firm. Obsessive in his desire, Pluto penetrates any membrane without any hint of empathy.

These dark, corrosive characteristics all tend to push the individual’s awareness away from the source and toward the extremes, always shunning away from the light of creativeness and into shadows of destruction and depravity. Once the initial germ of infection sets in, the Plutonic urge to hijack the spirit, dominate and distort the light runs rampant. Here, the abuse of a child, the rape of a woman, the defilement of a people, the denigration of an entire culture – it’s all the same. Power is his end game.

This disease to control everything and everyone – to have others submit to the “do as I say” principle of Capricorn’s patriarchal hypocrisy is nothing but an unchecked psychopathic obsession running rampant, getting worse and worse by the hour…

You are not immune from it. Each time you point the finger and cast a censorious judgement, throwing shade upon others without looking closely at yourself you show signs that you are infected. Many are already too far gone. They are gathering at the extreme edges, coagulating into curdles of dead-souls, amassing into oblivious brigades of zombies, ready to fight it out in Pluto’s game of social descent.

If you are out on the edges… holding extreme views and carping them off with extreme measures, playing your dark little games of feigning to be somewhat superior to others, it’s likely that your soul, too, is contaminated by this virus. You are possessed by Pluto’s insidious bug, that seeks to satisfy its own narcissistic cravings for short-lived social kudos, quenching its lust through some depraved orgasmic release, attaining ‘power and glory’ in the hollow victory of short-term profits, without a trace of any soul-awareness of the long-term implications of your predatory actions.

I might sound like I’m preaching a little bit here, but just bear in mind – this is the same part of Pluto’s cycle that manifested as an unstoppable mania for power and prestige – ultimately bringing about the fall of Egypt, Babylon, Athens, Rome, Tenochtitlan; (most recently – about 250 years ago) the decline of feudal Europe and the indigenous Americas, and is perhaps now looking likely to destroy the entire earth.

One difference…
An emerging new consciousness is starting to radiate out from behind your eyes, shining profound levels of heart-light upon the narcissistic misapprehension of your mirrored self; a light so bright it can obliterate the darkness in the old corners and corridors of power, turning reality on its head.

[I’ll have more to say about this, and the astrology of now in our next Cosmic Bus stop, only a few hours away [00:00 UTC – 17:00 PDT – 18:00 MDT – 19:00 CDT – 20:00 EDT – 11:00 AEDT – 02:00 SAST] as I discuss April and the epic Aries New Moon (12th) conjunct ERIS/VENUS and squaring PLUTO]

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