[image: Esther Haase]

Remember, you ain’t going to hear ‘the truth’ because you’re not likely to accept just one story or stick with any one detail. You’re most likely going to want to keep an open mind throughout all this.

GEMINI NORTH NODE suggests we’re more comfortable with seeing different aspects, hearing differing opinions, embracing diverse views and life’s general ambiguity rather than insisting on an absolute answer or ‘truth’.

Your “honest opinion”, whilst sincerely valued for its honesty, needs to leave plenty of room for nature’s cosmic law to exercise her divine will and restore justice and balance.

Also, another marker that things are heading south is the collapse of the distinction between truth and fiction (and the chaos this engenders), further opening the gateway to fascist, tyrannical forces – both out in the world and within our own mind – whose only desire is to divide our thinking, control and manipulate us.

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