Recalibrating Boundaries

Who’s bottled up a little apathy and anger since last March?

Energetically, the body’s accumulated fat cells are our protection from the outside world – a physical forcefield built between the inner you and the exterior to create some padding or buffer. This physical boundary acts as a useful defence-barrier when we are feeling exceptionally sensitive, easily hurt, prone to being bullied, mentally, physically or sexually abused, or feel unsafe but are not equipped with adequate self-defence skills and mechanisms.

Exercise workouts and martial arts are ways of building muscle strength, agility and technique to handle the outside world. But if we are hindered from mobility in some way or suffer from inertia, any unused muscle eventually turns to fat.

Our environment is filled with abrasive energies that can trigger our worst fears and deepest anxieties. Other people’s energy and even ‘society’ (as a mass of collective influences and opinions) can affect our drive in a multitude of ways. Our apprehensions towards a scary or intimidating exterior can leave us feeling very defenceless, diminished, or off-balance.

If you’re feeling the effects of inertia, the storing of unexpressed assertiveness and holding in anger and pain, or suffering from inertia and procrastination, this Full Moon will have highlighted what needs to be worked on. In the absence of our usual activities and busy lives, social restrictions and lockdowns may have meant that food consumption may feel like the only thing you can control, especially if you obsess about staying in control and holding your own space.

Over the next few weeks, the Aries Sun indicates that our focus and attention will be on placing more conscious intent on defining the boundaries of safety and protection we need, as well as recalibrating how we will stand up and assert ourselves out there. 2021 is a completely different year with many social challenges, and it behoves each of us to stay fit and healthy if we are to defend our deepest vulnerabilities and most precious sensibilities against the slings and arrows of the world of stupid, rude and crude.

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