MOON opposite ERIS/square PLUTO

This Full Moon awakened us all to some deeply uncomfortable pain. For some few, it coincided with opportunities that allowed access towards pathways of healing. For many unable or incapable of seeking treatment, they will harbour and continue to carry the hurt.

The Moon, now opposite Eris/square Pluto holds a mirror to a process that’s as old as the hills. In a couple of weeks, her conjunction with the Sun (Aries New Moon) will coincide with Eris.

Those who’ve been beaten, bruised and wounded, then left outside in the cold like they don’t matter carry something that, whilst it won’t ever give them restitution, will cause tremendous strife if they can only just lob it over the fence…

Watch now, feel what is about to happen. I will have more to report on this, but here is my article from early last year on Eris….

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