If you are feeling somewhat puzzled and confused about what on earth is going on, then this is not unexpected, nor are you likely to feel alone. You may be sensitive, and you may be incredibly intuitive, and if you are both you may be sensing just how impossible it is to navigate clearly through these turbulent times. All may not be what it seems because it has never been so. It has never been, and there is much that has been hidden from you, but as you become ever more sensitive and more intuitively attuned, you start to question where we are moving towards and why.

These are not easy times. It’s questionable whether we ever had it easy. But at least these days they could so easily be easy. They could be anything we want them to be, and at least we have choices. Instead, they are confronting and frightening in a whole new way. As each day passes, we come to wonder how it is we’ve coped with the inequity, indifference and sheer ignorance of us humans, the utter cruelty and unkindness that has played out around us, even among our kind. Many questions that not only beg for answers but in many ways leave us shaking our heads in dismay and disbelief at how we did not act upon the obvious solutions.

With Neptune, now in the final decan of Pisces, humanity is reaching a new crescendo in sensitivity and telepathic empathy. It still remains a great mystery how the switch flicking from ‘victim-to-warrior’ Chiron and ‘me-to-mine’ Uranus will continue to play out. Here on earth, interesting new players are entering the sociopolitical and economic management realms, instantly superseding yesterday’s superheroes and setting forth obscure, somewhat disturbing new revelations about tomorrow.

Whilst yesterday becomes even more exposed, this unnerving new ‘future’ is one that’s either urgently sought after or dreaded by many. Whatever the ‘solutions’ posed and implemented by humankind, we get the sense that they have the potential to seriously overturn our world, make it immediately unrecognisable and strange – provided we accept them in time. Adjusting to sudden changes can be challenging, even to the most flexible and intelligent of humans.

There is something subtly solvent in the mysterious nature of a Pisces New Moon. Pisces symbolises the final phase of any entity’s incarnation: the phase of its dissolution or ‘disappearance’ as a distinct entity and its transcendence into spirit. Like all New Moons, the Pisces New Moon actually introduces something new, yet its dissolvent agency actually manifests as a supreme ending of sorts.

Therefore, it is difficult to say whether this particular New Moon heralds a new beginning or a final ending, begging the question of whether there’s such a thing as a beginning or an end anyway since the great cosmic cycle is perpetual and infinitely eternal. We might say then, that it is only when we reach the end of what we desire to know, that we arrive at a place where we begin to sense it. Here, we enter a new dimension.

So indeed, in order to evolve to its utter fulfilment, an entity must reach a point of dissolution (Pisces), where it ceases to matter, yet becomes infinitely accessible, meaningful only to the higher self (spirit) before it then reincarnates into a myriad of possibilities.

This is how dreams work.
And this is how the quantum field generates its wish fulfilment. Mostly though, this is where we realise that what we once set out to know, was not worth knowing.

Hence, in the lead-up to this lunation, we may have sensed a hypnotic veil shrouding over all of us, casting an indefinable spell of emotional confusion and mental disarray. Are things clearly there or are they just a dream of what we would like them to be? Things are either divinely ideal or perfectly chaotic; one is simultaneously empathetic and apathetic. We are left in a quandary about what on earth is going on and wondering whether it matters a lot, or not at all.


The ego-disintegrating impact of this Pisces lunation is further diffused in that its mysterious ruler, Neptune is also transiting this sign. The sheer ego-dissolving forces of Neptune have been washing over us like a cavalcade of crashing waves, subtly eroding boundaries and heightening sensitivity to excruciating levels of emotional vulnerability and confusion. Opening us up to experience a multitude of alternative dimensions, we have been particularly prone to daydream, seeking refuge in fantastical visions, nihilism, as well as an equally dangerous susceptibility to new, totalising, utopian ideas. Of course, the cost of getting too ‘lost at sea’ could leave us feeling victimised, misunderstood, deeply disillusioned, divinely dissatisfied, or downright undermined and deceived.

This has not been terribly grounding or assuring, but necessary since we need to be able to sense one another’s perspective – really feel empathy for where one another is coming from if that is at all possible.

However, if we have become too emotionally enmeshed into our environment/relationships/ideas and beliefs, this lunation could expose which parts of our identity are wanting to slip away – the part of our ego invested into falsity that now seeks to dissolve. It is possible that you are struggling to understand or accept what this is really all about right now, even as you read this.

Are some things just making you question, what on earth is this all about??

Often, our old sense of self-distinction – that part of us by which we have sought to define our character eventually becomes eroded and defrayed to such a point where it eventually gives way. Anything not supported in this present-tense reality comes to an end, slips away so that something truly divine can emerge. The intrinsic spirit seeks expression, and as it does, something miraculous can emerge and begin anew.

After a long period of unfreedom – any false attachment to a singular interpretive structure – it is necessary for the development of a free spirit. For instance, religious dogma can create such a false sense of unfreedom that we can feel entrapped in it merely by our own erroneous beliefs. As the dogma dies, becomes eroded or washed away by the sea of disillusionment, it perishes along with our limited concept of God. What emerges is a true, indefinable connection to spirit, which is of central importance to Neptune’s process through Pisces.

Also, this cultural breeding of “scarcity” and the need to scramble, quarrel and compete for the limited resources on this strip-mined planet has created another trap of false unfreedom. We have done some horrible things in order to survive, worst of which is to pimp out our children to these ‘educational facilities’ called schools – which are, as it turns out, merely indoctrination centres for the ’employment market’. The exploitation and abuse of our kind start with a voluntary surrender of our offspring to a system that gives back nothing but a psychology of greater fear and limitation, and if you don’t buy it, the system has ways of shutting you out into some kind of asylum or institution.

This New Moon is about making an intention to dive deep within and make the dream real in one’s inner being first. Whilst it can feel a little scary and isolating, this is the main priority over the next 12 months – a difficult transitional year (of the next 3-4), where humanity must make some strong agreements upon how it will align its own resonant frequency to the higher vibrational field currently resonating over this planet’s lightwaves, earth, winds and seas. We must learn to come into oneness with this planet’s vibration. Any discord will present to us as major storms.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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