Fantasy and Fiction

In a time of widespread panic and anxiety, when the current reality seems unstable and the future you had planned seems highly improbable, the natural response is to zone out, seek refuge in your dreamworld – science-fiction fantasies about tomorrow or modified visions of a crudely reimagined past.

Why is it we’re so obsessed with dragging up ‘the past’, especially lately?

Are we desperately searching for something, trying to piece together a story, some thread of narrative that gives us some grasp on where we come from?

Do you have a story?
How pristine is that story?

Are you not, out of sentimental pride, nostalgia and fear of remembering traumatic events creating some phoney modified account that you’ll keep telling yourself (and others), just for some reinforcement of identity and sense of validation that you’re a ‘good human’?

Relax. We’re probably all in the same made-up story now, some collective narrative that was drummed into us by who knows, through you-know-who.

The story about tomorrow seems relatively more unnerving.

Neither is true.

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