New Moon Moment [Cosmic Bus Postponed]

Dear friends,

With respect and reverence to this intense New Moon event, let us take this moment to repose, to be with ourselves and family, to be still and mindful of the sacredness of this lunation’s message. It speaks directly to our soul.

These are phenomenal times. We are indeed fortunate to be here to witness this shift of cosmic waves and its profound effect on our mundane thoughts and ideas, our feelings and emotions and how these metabolise to impact our physical health, the values and beliefs we hold, the way we love and act toward one another, the communities we build and societies we help to shape.

As we can see, so much is in transition. So much to take in, let out, process, heal and let go. Some meditation is necessary. My New Moon readings and intentions are a good companion if you can use some guidance in regrounding during this time:

As usual, we will defer our scheduled COSMIC BUS stop to allow ourselves some space to meditate and recenter our position. We will reconvene in about 48 hours (SATnight/SUNmorning) – we have so much to discuss on the astrologyofnow and particularly the coming SATURN/URANUS squares.

Blessings, and I look forward to seeing you all soon xx

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