Full Moon at 08°57′ Virgo

When the sugar-coating on your dreamy ignorance of reality wears off, will you be so numb that you cannot feel into the truth of your situation?

Feeling like the world around you is becoming more and more unreal? Like you’re watching your life buzzing by but feel rather disconnected from it? Feeling cut off and distant from your own physical body?

If you’re prone to being emotionally intense or just sensitive, you may be struggling with an “emotional numbness,” a kind of inner deadness, a hollowness that permeates your whole entire being, stripping the joy and fullness out of life itself.

What then??

This human dehumanisation experience can leave us feeling like the world is unreal, surreal like we’re detached, and, often, emotionally void, like an outside observer of your self who’s losing control over your thoughts or actions.

When parts of your personal or collective history are too painful to revisit and explore, when psychic traumas leave a physical or emotional scar, such as instances of childhood abandonment, betrayal or intrusion, your spirit will summon all your energies to fend against it ever happening again.

Here, in times of heightened vulnerability, something inside you seizes; freezes up and unless you can somehow relinquish the shame and blame, embrace your long-felt sadness and despair, address the numbness caused from building walls so high that no light can come through so that you may feel a little safer, then I can understand how you’ve become an expert at ignoring your gut instincts.

In numbing your awareness of what keeps playing out, you have successfully learned to hide from your true self over and over on the inside. And now the world out there keeps bombarding you constantly with visceral warning signs that this just can’t go on, and you must ask yourself: “How much strength do I have left to keep on faking this…?”

ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ Full Moon @08°♍57′

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