DREAMING AWAKE [Cosmic Bus in 1 Hour]

[picture credit: the amazing Pierrot Men]

We are all under a deep, hypnotic trance.

Those who can ‘see’ with any clarity are witnessing humanity in a state of a deep slumber, mired in a dream yet unaware that we are dreaming our way through this life or even asleep.

Worse still, our entire sleepwalking species actually assumes itself to be ‘awake’. No, it’s no euphemism, metaphor, mythological construct, or some little episode in our historical narrative – it is a fundamental truth of the state of humankind’s collective awareness. We are all under a spell, and the magicians who put us there are loving it. There are big gains for them.

And we? We love to be asleep – can’t get enough of it. We’re not just addicted to it, we have pliantly abandoned ourselves to sleep our entire lives away. Every morning, we stymie every effort to be awoken, ignore every alarm regardless of how shrill and disturbing because nothing can pull us out of our delicious slumber. The dream we’re in is so intoxicating.

No, our collective ignorance as a species isn’t just a vague, indifferent early-morning roll-over, not merely an absence of consciousness, but an active resistance to becoming conscious – a state of actively pursued stupor which is willfully maintained so as to prevent any influx of knowledge about our true origins or our relative spiritual situation.

Relax. Nobody’s going to wake you…

Tribe members, join us for a special Cosmic Bus episode, live in 1 hour, to talk about the astrology of the moment:
 Saturday Night (USA)/Sunday Morning 00:00 UTC – 16:00 PST – 17:00 MST – 18:00 CST – 19:00 EST – 11:00 AEDT – 02:00 SAST

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