A New Hope: New Moon at 23°17′ Aquarius – Thursday, Feb 11 2021, 19:07 UTC

It was inevitable after the Saturn/Pluto which cast its shadow over 2020, that we would have to come to accept that it was time to change everything or face the dire consequences for our ignorance and complacency.

Whilst alarm bells have been ringing at almost deafening levels, many are still confused, uncertain where to go and what to do. As Saturn approaches his first square to Uranus for 2021, our distortions, or rather departures from truth, have primed us for any possibility of another, more edgy reality. There’s a reason for all this dissociation and detachment, but one must stay present, lucid, and aligned within their centre to receive true guidance. Nothing and nobody around us can quite give us any true bearings, since it all seems shaky, ready to totally collapse.

Unless you look up…

In the dark of the moon, there’s no real way of knowing where you’re going. But then, you’re probably used to that by now. After all, it’s only when the way ahead is shrouded in darkness, with your mind steeped in mystery about what’s going to happen that you’re compelled to change the way you’re used to seeing things. On this darkest of nights, if you look up to the skies you will see a million stars. Custer and clusters of them, most, too close together to tell them apart. Then there are your bright ones. You can count them…

For you who believe in a brighter tomorrow, this New Moon presents us with a brand new prayer, a promise of hope; of seeing above and beyond this impossibly dark cloud of limitations.

[art: Joanna Caprice]

If you believe in the power of ritual to mark a special event, then this phenomenal New Moon, accompanied by a trail of planets in the promising constellation of Aquarius, presents you with a divine opportunity to see the shimmering jewels and treasures of infinite abundance in your life. Just like the myriad of stars up in the night canopy, the skies are filled with choices:

What is it that you want most in your life? Better health, improved self-image, more money, a brilliant mind, greater communication skills, better job or career prospects, a new relationship, a dream holiday, to resolve some nagging problem in your life, a spiritual awakening, a world of universal abundance, a more peaceful world?

Attaining any of this starts with you setting a strong, pure intention. If you can dream it in the higher dimensions, and you can visualise its potential in the not-too-distant here/now – if you can look towards the horizon, you will see how the thundering lightning storms of Uranus hit the earth with electrifying effect upon your nervous system. If you can use your night-vision as a real superpower for you to perceive beyond the existential limitations in this life, then you can surely manifest your vision more objectively here, in your 3D experience of ‘reality’.

But you must first let go of the inner negativity and fear. Much is changing, the earth is literally quaking under your feet, allowing you to see that you have less and less that you can cling to, hence less and less to lose. A certain level of detachment is needed to see the freedom of your choices. A certain level of darkness is necessary to see the stars. One of those stars presents a special gift for you. Open up your heart and mind and be ready to receive.

This lunation is a perfect time to remedy and realign any broken-down mental and emotional pathways. Solar and Lunar energies combine at New Moon, merging your conscious mind☉ with the unconscious emotions ☽ embedded in your body.

In the links below, I have prepared a special empowering message for each zodiac sign, delineating what this New Moon holds in store for you. I have also crafted a special set of intentions providing a powerful method or tool by which you can consciously repair, rebuild or start afresh with any new objectives.

In a world shrouded by darkness, peril and confusion about what lies ahead, it is time that we looked up to the skies for a new hope. The stars have never lied to us. They have not ever let us down. Use their light to navigate your way.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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