The Rebirth of the Sacred ‘Inner Parent’ – Capricorn New Moon at 23°13′ – January 13, 05:01 UTC

In just the first weeks of 2021, we begin to see how our lives, both personal and social, are immediately entreated to great upheavals and disruptions. Just as promised by the markers of our sociopolitical reality, Jupiter and Saturn entering Aquarius (Dec 2020), great change and reform are underway. Also, as we anticipate for later this month, squares to these from Mars and Uranus warn of strongly resistant energies to change, innovation and restructuring.

Although these may be experienced as a wilful and destructive refusal to accept the inevitable, we must brace ourselves. For change must come and though it is never pleasant nor easy to make any transition from old to new, it is upon us now to come together and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. In the dark of this moon, the coming lunation is an augury for a necessary death, which must occur before any new growth can take place.

On this Capricorn New Moon, a conjunction to the Hadean underworld ruler, Pluto, currently squaring Eris (anarchy and disorder), implies and conjures a moment of complete, cathartic metamorphosis against the perils of unprecedented strife and mayhem. Our world must face its dark side and make the choice for a new life or death and extinction. Collectively, albeit symbolically, there is a need but also a mortifying fear to face and accept a certain death of an old world order.

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Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) says it is time to reconstruct the image of our patriarchy – the father as the spiritual guide to our evolutionary process as children to humanity – to integrate the masculine and feminine within and without and to reunite them into a divine oneness. This not only brings us face to face with our own limitations and mortality but with the possibility of constructing a higher consciousness as co-creators of our physical universe and beyond. The legacy we leave now and for future generations rests largely on how maturely and responsibly we all step up as parents, grandparents, respected elders and brave custodians of a dawning new age.

Hence, the great initiation augured here by this Hadean New Moon confronts us with the death of the old parent archetype, the clearing out of old systems and the inauguration something completely new. The challenge here is to take up our spiritual heritage and to incorporate the higher consciousness (Sun) with the lower energies of the unconscious (Moon), and to recognise them not as opposite polarities, but as complementary forces which resonate as one into our everyday awareness. If Capricorn is about authority and control then under this Sun/Moon union, we must work out how and where to focus our intention on becoming whole. Any newfound authority must be based on wholehearted autonomy, rather authoritarianism and control.

At the entrance of this Cosmic Initiation, now approaching the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius, we are lined up, ready to become baptised into the commencement of a new evolutionary cycle. Pluto in Capricorn signifies our struggles between an emerging new order and the preservation of traditional, entrenched economic and social structures. The ‘old guard’, as it were, alone attempts to curate and commandeer this process by enforcing implementation of a new political and social system necessary to bring the Age of Aquarius underway. In the transition, we let go of old hierarchical structures and make way for a greater egalitarianism, transparency, cooperative innovation and global responsibility to take over.

The collective challenges upon us now are in finding ways to develop a revolutionary new approach to how we form a constructive, more collaborative world government, one that takes better care of our planet Earth, and to reach for a better understanding of how to harness the autonomous power of the stars. It is time for creating a cosmic interdependence for all people rather than continuing to squabble over the inequities of ‘independence’ through our dependency on the scarcity of material matters and secular affairs, as governed by the limitations of ‘old-school’ ruling individuals and nations, which historically have only created division and wars among us.

Here, we see the shadow side of Capricorn rear its ugly head, the side which is strongly authoritarian, puritanical and hypercritical. It is guarded, untrusting and afraid to give away any of its power. Consequently, it is quick to act against any suspected usurping of power or position with measures of confinement and censure. Without true social conscience and emotional maturity, Capricorn resorts to the unyielding execution of harsh rules and regulations in order to maintain its rule. It quickly becomes a tyrannical dictator

Hence, the New Moon in Capricorn threatens to burden us with a stern, harsh sense of guilt and social responsibility, as if the weight of the world is on our shoulders. We are forced to take matters very seriously indeed, as if possessed by a driving force toward stability and maintaining the status quo at all costs, toward seeking outward respectability and for getting things right in order to deserve approval. The New Moon’s square to Eris in Aries creates a monumental battle of this messianic mission from Capricorn to save the world from the auspices of death and insurrection, creating an archetypal scapegoat, either within the family, community or in the world at large.

Those who become our scapegoat for simply refusing to “play along with the rules” – even if the rules were skewed to favour some over others – become blamed for all the ills of the world because they dare to go against the accepted conventions of society. In a moment of objectivity, we may see how this New Moon produces a stultifying and emotionally repressive atmosphere, one characterised by the terror of life vs death, scarcity of material goods, physical connectedness, threat of disease, impossible duty, or a deprivation of some kind. This deprivation may be emotional, intellectual, or physical and there is little heartfelt closeness in this lunation.

Humankind’s preoccupation with social duty, preserving wealth, status and control only distances its individuals further from the affairs of the heart. This leaves us cold and neglectful to our family and makes our emotional connectedness to our community uncomfortable in preference to upholding the economic order and materialistic values. Yet, as we shall learn in the months ahead, these are barely worthwhile markers for the wholistic achievement of progress and success. To be coldly controlling, judgmental, fearful of expressing any emotion and overly cautious to trust life itself leaves us out of touch with any human emotions. This only generates shame­ful feelings about expressing any form of instinctive personal autonomy unless we play along with the strict boundaries and rules outlined by the prevailing patriarchal forces.

In the prelude to the great Aquarian lunations at the end of January and February and to the phenomenal alignments of the March Equinox (Astral New Year), this powerful lunation serves as a final warning that our healing must follow only after we can secure the material foundations for the preservation of life that has been laid down and carried out dutifully and diligently by all. Once this compliance to rules and structures has been achieved to some degree of success, and it can only come from within each of us, there will be a greater readiness to trust life and journey inside oneself.

And so, both internally and externally, there is a full-scale reconstruction of a whole new parental archetype underway. As everywhere around you, somewhere within, the ‘inner voice of the paternal self’ is dying and becoming reborn. Those doubts and fears instilled in you through childhood must now be brought up to the surface to be explored. Any residual notions of a coldly rejecting archetypal parent are being rooted out and replaced by a new sense of self-worth and personal autonomy. On this intensely potent New Moon (Jan 13), we are called to develop the mastery of self-love. This will drive and generate a new, wholly more steady foundation for true emotional trust and freely spontaneous expression of our feelings in our world, providing us with a stable, responsible and more intrinsically authoritative approach to our currently unsettled situation.

On this New Moon, it is time to repose, collect your thoughts and innermost feelings and examine deeply which area of your life you are experiencing this phenomenal urge for the resurrection of your inner parent.

As usual, I provide you with my regular treatise to the current lunation energies, delineating more succinctly those areas where your sign is currently undergoing this sacred and cathartic evolutionary process. These empowering messages are a vital adjunct to this article, and to our recent ‘cosmic bus’ lunation report.

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Blessings, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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