REMEMBER: What you see on the teevee is not what’s happening. We may have ‘freedom’ and think we have ‘rights’ but we need to realise we’re responsible for the consequences which flow on from the way we exercise those.

The invisible cosmic forces of Nature can and will react violently in order to preserve her own immutable laws and innate harmony. Despite our constant, selfish resistance, wherever there’s an imbalance, the forces of justice will somehow find ways to reinstate balance…


Spirit, Nature’s highest authority, does not judge or punish. Punishment is the automatic process of a universal rebalancing which works itself out through time. In fact, we should not really call it punishment. It is simply eternal justice.

Even greater than justice is the one power that can reset all debts, redress all imbalances and heal all sorrow. This power respects justice because justice works perfectly yet it can overrule this often violent law of “an eye for an eye”.

This is the power called love.

How’s your intention working out?

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