Science vs Nonscience

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With Venus on the Sagittarius South Node, any new encounters, however foreign and exotic, are not new at all. You will recognize them instantly and all your past life-connections will flash through your mind in a split second.

You will feel an empathic kinship so strong that you almost cannot help yourself but become mystified by their ‘truth’, sensing that any understanding you withhold could be the ignorance you carry with you, lifetime after lifetime.

Just mind – with Neptune square to all this, there’s something rather unhinged about such contacts. Science and the paranormal seem to be at war right now and though it’s crucial that they work together, it will seem a tad naïve to believe that the world (and all those in it) are exactly as they seem.

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When we struggle to understand the science behind anything in this world, we come up with mythological entities and symbolisms that we can relate to. We exemplify those forces of nature that mystify us with narratives drawn from the boundless imagination of our dreams and collective memories in hope to comfort us and make us feel like we have some control over these things, which like the universe and stars, are much bigger than we are.

We have a lot of gaps to fill. This is why the next couple of years are going to be both very hard-hitting and also excitingly insightful. Let’s talk about that, and what 2021 has in store for us on our next Cosmic Bus (in about 24 hours)….

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