Transitions into the New Age

[art: lidia vives]

In times of extremities, where transformation and death take place, morality quickly goes out the window for it is sadly a luxury of the privileged few who get to outline guidelines and laws of ‘virtuous’ behaviour to the rest, who are easily swayed. After the event horizon, which we astrologers predict as post-Dec 21, 2020, there is a new morality on the rise.

As we can see, there is currently no arbitrary moral code that is absolutely right, often even within our own households. We take extremely different views and we are at the point where we refuse to argue our differences any more – we simply choose to either walk out or shut out.

For instance, as we transition into the new age, arguably in the final days of some two millennia of Pisces, we see how we are moving away from seeing suffering, the pain of others, as a condition deeply rooted in religious thinking. Our religious faiths or moral codes, which linked pain and suffering to sacrifice, where ‘sacrifice’ was deemed to be the highest order of human virtues, is now made redundant by the modern view and sensibility which regards suffering as a massive problem that must be fixed, cured, stamped out immediately… like it’s a massive social fail.

In the Aquarian Age, to be limping, blind, poor, diseased, overworked, hurting, both physically and emotionally, will be seen as a mistake, an accident or a crime by humanity against itself. Any symptom of suffering (and its cause) will be something of a concern, to be refused, solved, fixed, quickly normalised…

How do you envisage the new age? Utopian or dystopian?

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ on transitions into the new age.

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