Kindness means more than simply giving. It means cooperating with others. The greatest act of kindness is to look beyond the weaknesses and mistakes of others, helping them to recognise their innate value, to see themselves as worthy.

Those who have made an effort to master themselves are genuinely kind. They open a greater space for kindness because they understand the work required to achieve it. They empathise because they understand the difficulties faced for those whose goal is self-knowledge. The kind are also benevolent towards those who choose to ignore or criticise those who are generous and kind.

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Let me say too, that those who have never tried to improve themselves have little, if any, tolerance towards others. Never having faced their own shortcomings, they cannot deal with the shortcomings of others with any depth of understanding. Their hearts are stingy and mean.

When we give or share with mean intentions, nothing we do is ever satisfying. We see others as ungrateful, insensitive, greedy or even selfish but the real problem is that we fail to recognise our own selfish motives.

If the central motive of our Solar intention becomes our desire to get something, we will never get anything… that is, nothing of lasting value. It’s when we unselfishly shine our light, offer our personal resources, including our time and virtues, that we generate a currency of sharing and receiving.

Love and kindness must be given freely and cannot be demanded. Authentic kindness is measured by the capacity to be genuinely generous of ourselves with everyone; sharing our kindness is the highest Solar expression of our mature human nature. 


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