Eclipse Season Cosmic Bus – Live in 1 Hour

As retrograde Neptune stations squarely across the Gemini/Sadge Nodal Axis, we enter the Eclipse Season which bookends 2020. It has been a phenomenal year, the SATURN/PLUTO conjunction has made linear time stand still, old systems and agreed concepts (like Society, its governments & economies) are coming to a state of complete disintegration. In this, our understanding of what is true and what is not, seems to be blurring our reality into an intersubjective dream/nightmare.

There is a lot of fear and anxiety about ‘the future’. To many, it seems uncertain and unclear. Some, a very few, have already arrived.

One thing is clear: Our interpersonal and social agreements and the magnetic forces (contracts) that held them all together are dissolving, transmuting. As we head into December and the Great Conjunction of JUPITER/SATURN in Aquarius, we are about to exit an Old World Disorder, go through a period of Realignment and anticipate a system reset which will see us entering a whole new paradigm of human consciousness.

Of course, it would seem a little ominous and scary, but then, how prepared are you to put down your old beliefs and preconceptions and start to listen to what the cosmic forces are about to put down across this fast-deteriorating little planet? As new systems replace the old, it’s gonna get a little turbulent and uncomfortable down here for those unwilling to let go of their ideologies. Those who can change their beliefs based on new information are the true free-thinkers now. Time to shift our consciousness into a higher dimension…

Join me on the Cosmic Bus as we discuss these potently portentous lunations. What are the evolutionary changes they bring and will these mean for you, and humanity as a whole?

Replay available here:

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