Dark Moon in Scorpio

[pic: sandro aligeuri]

In the dark of this Scorpio Moon, it is important to find a moment of silence, meditate your intention.

In silence, we find the ability to listen: to listen to ourselves, to others and to the spirit of this powerful moment.

Without learning how to listen to others we cannot communicate with true intent, we cannot relate to one another in a deeply meaningful way.

We need to learn to listen.

Ever stop to observe your thoughts? Ever think of putting on the brakes, put a stop to your thoughts? Most of us allow our thoughts to scatter and wander into distractions. Uncontrolled scattered thinking is like a speeding car – unless you brake, you’ll crash. An uncontrolled mind leaves you tense worried and stressed, sets you up for a spectacular crash.

You need to put on the brakes if you want your mind to work in natural sync with your heart centre. A coherent mind/heart brings peace to the mind and a peaceful mind brings clarity. When you stop to listen, you see things clearly, you do not have wasteful thoughts. Your mind becomes more economical when it is not burdened with toxic and unnecessary thoughts.

Thinking too much about others, what they’re doing, what they should do, what they say, what you wish they had said and why they spoke to you at all robs your mind of its inherent serenity; your sanity.

It’s like eating too much. That inner heaviness makes it impossible to remain light and flexible. We get obsessed with little things and gradually they become a huge weight that we just can’t shake off. Our obsessions cause us to fantasise and overreact, generating negative feelings.

Observe, do not absorb every word, feeling and attitude. Observing brings us the patience and clarity to think and act appropriately and with intent. It is in this observance, this art of listening, that an inner focus develops that allows us to see what is real (for us).

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