[pic: hans friedman]

What are you going to do?
How in heavens are you going to make this work again??
You may ask what have you done to deserve such an oppressive, prostrating, bleak set of conditions… and why is everybody acting so pathetic, especially your elders?

You just want to hide away in disgust but maybe this is only nature’s way of kicking your lazy, self-indulgent ass into gear and get you moving in the light direction.

Lose your sad poses and sorry little presupposes.
Your anger and frustration with this world are the consequence of you being a phoney-baloney bullshit fraud – and you and everybody knows it.

No wonder you’re all tensed up into a hot, unsightly mess. You and your 7.8 billion buddies are in this shit state together and we know the jig is up because the music stopped a long time ago.

Time to start beating from the heart now, kid.
How else are we supposed to get moving again when day by day we keep waking up and nobody dares to show up as their true authentic selves?

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