Making the Decision of Your Life: FULL MOON at 09°08′ ARIES

No Full Moon speaks loudest to our indecisiveness, lack of focus and desperate urge to look outside ourselves for someone or something to prop us up; to blame or help solve our inner problems and inadequacies like the Aries Full Moon. A decision is needed, and one way or another, ‘right or wrong’, we must make the leap…

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Sure, it’s a cardinal lunation, which means we must make take some initiative. However, the crestfallen Libra Sun stands only as a reminder that it’s best to find an external reference point; consult a partner (or therapist); find a villain to blame for our determination. To help with our rulings, verdicts and decrees, nothing provides a better bearing nearly as immediately as a blaring Aries Full Moon.

This Full Moon brings out to the open any riddles, ambiguities and paradoxes that we may have (which way to choose) and tries to solve them in an instant; flash; a whisker of an impulse. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re making the ‘right’ choice – Libra is never really sure of that – but nothing like the Aries Full Moon to prompt our instincts to just leap right in, worry about the personal consequences and political maelstrom that it causes later.

Like every Full Moon, the primary, most personal energies in our lives are splitting. One might say (under the current climate) that they’re tearing us apart. Our conscious side wants one thing while our instincts are pulling towards the diametric opposite. Since this lunation is all about relationships – particularly those that mean the very most to us – we are forced to make critical choices on how to proceed.

Does the person, thing or ‘other’ that we depended so much on really serve our best interests, or is it time to call it a day, move on, and clear the patch for a new and better interest? Is our uniqueness being appreciated as much as we might like, or is it just becoming too much effort to upkeep the interdependence? Are we in a complementary arrangement or is our current situation really letting us down?

These are serious questions which come amidst a flurry of extremely difficult circumstances, as indicated by the larger transits (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto squaring Mars/Eris). I have spoken extensively on the nature of these intense aspects in other articles on this website, and in my weekly bus podcasts.

[Full Moon exact on Thursday, Oct 01 2020 21:06 UTC 09°♈08′]

It may very well seem like the end of the world anyway, and with the Moon’s conjunction to Chiron, there is an irrepressible urge to make a break with the inadequacies of the past and seek salvation, healing and respite somewhere completely new… even if the ‘new’ looks suspiciously identical to the old.

The point here is that we may have to cut ties with our dependencies, at least long enough to see just how dependent we’ve become and how, by taking a whole new approach (see next fortnight’s Libra Supermoon), we are thrust into looking at our relationship to the exterior world in a more pragmatic, less reliant, ineffectual and procrastinating way.

Something always has to give on a Full Moon, and whether we are aware or not, we are making an upgrade. Whether we make the right decision or not, the universe, which has no fixed agenda – just love, rallies around that decision. In essence, there is no right or wrong, only the cosmic field which is there to support you, whichever direction you wish to take.

Naturally, I have gone into extensive length to delineate how this crucial, delicate, decisive cosmic moment will look for every individual sign. There’s much to mull over here as we continue this journey towards the most exciting moment in our collective human experience. I do hope you’re all on board to join me on tomorrow’s ‘Cosmic Bus’, and should you wish to have personal consultation on the matter, you can book your session here.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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