Cosmic Bus Stopping Soon

The paralysing effects of F.E.A.R. can impel us to hold on to positions and things which are not conducive to our growth. Our attachments (people, possessions, ideas, values) feel the same way. They need to be released so that they too may evolve to the next level of expression.

We seem stuck in a state where our fears about the unknown keep us all stuck in a dimension of duality; a conditional state of ‘either/or’, where we must choose whether we win or lose, live or die, etc., often at the expense of the harmony and well-being of those in our environment.

As the Sun enters Scorpio the stakes we hold in our investments are intensified. We come to realise that critical decisions must be made. We must deal with change and transformation and yet there is every indication that we are freaking out about letting go of things that, however toxic and harmful the relationship, are bringing us grief and suffering instead of promoting confidence and joy.

This next lunation affects us all profoundly. The Uranian Full Moon (Oct 31) indicates a forced release of energies which, as much as we may argue and debate, we can not sustain because we are ultimately incapable of holding them down using antiquated views.

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