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MERCURY, already in his retrograde shadow, has entered Scorpio – home of the acerbic, fanatical mind. Among several other dynamic tizzies this month, Mercury will station directly opposite Uranus for much of October. Ugly, violent scenes and ‘accidents’ are not out of the question for those who inadvertently get too caught up fucking around at the extremes, seemingly disengaged from their centre. By now it’s possible to know how to keep those at a manageable distance without diametrically opposing or becoming one of them.

This is a good time to mind our poise and our composure. The Libra Sun calls for more tact and diplomacy, for if you slip and lose your cool, you stand to fall, disgracefully.

Among the myriad of socio-political and environmental crises that we may see festering out there, known and unknown, it is important to remember that the real ‘epidemic’ going on around us is merely a reflection of a severely complex phenomenon, one with many variables. All this is merely a projection of what is going on within, and unless we dare to employ our inner Sherlock/Jung/Fauci, we may fail to come up with any workable solutions – only unresolved pits anger and rage. This can be dangerous.

My newsletter, which takes a close look at the month ahead, is due to be sent out in the next 24 hours. Please sign up here to receive my cosmic-news directly via email, especially if you are wise enough to stay away from social media, at least during the next month or so. I am already observing, especially among my beloved tribe, a greater migration away from toxic think-hubs, and this itself is an indication that people are making more sensible efforts to filter out the virulent crap that frequently pervades and distracts our beautiful, brilliant minds.

Please stay as respectful as you can, heedful that those around you, love or hate them, are but a mere reflection of our own narcissistic vanities.
Blessings . . . . . . . . . . . . . ❤️❤️♎❤️❤️

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