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As the Moon moves into Aries, we feel the turgid pressure of the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) as wholly uncomfortable, unwelcome, even intimidating. The primary emotional response here, with Chiron (shame), Eris (cancellation) and Mars (anger), precipitates to a palpable mood of defensiveness, repugnance and disgust by the weekend. The stationing Mars is seething but not likely to inspire us to do much before it turns retrograde on Wednesday(28°♈08′).

Even if it does, there will be all sorts of anguished resentment, internalised anger and smouldering regret throughout Sep/Oct, as the powers of corporate governance continue to tighten their vice grip on all individual activity and enterprise via their systems of authoritarian control. Whilst we see the ambitious agenda more and more clearly, we also sense that it is almost beyond our ability to opt-out. Almost… but not quite. There is a way, now.

Join me on the Cosmic Bus at our usual time, as we look at this pivotal next week and the month ahead.

Cuckoo clusterfuck: By Saturday the protests, threats and intimidation are felt everywhere. But ‘feelings’ don’t mean shit to the business sector. The Virgo Sun will continue to focus attention on the finishing details, refusing to yield until the finishing touches are in place for the big reveal…

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