What hurts the most is having to discover that you are worth more, much more than the exterior has accustomed you to settle for. The forced attachments you make into indebtedness and cynical evaluations deny you of taking responsibility.

You are not born as a NOTHING until you can prove otherwise. You are most precious until you (yourself) diminish/squander/exhaust your cosmic reserves and strengths on this earth.

Letting go of the self-induced limitations is going to be painful if this is how you have come to define yourself, and others.

“Very powerful and helpful insights, it’s been a few months since the reading, and hearing the recording again, I see myself more clearly and what direction in essence is being reflected. Not always necessarily easy stuff to hear but important. Quite an amazing talent in inspiring direction glistening with the stars, with a see through sight. I’m glad and grateful!”

“If you have ever thought about getting an astrological reading, I highly recommend this guy, Ang Stoic. If you don’t “get it” now, you will!
He’s in Australia but does sessions by Skype. Worth every penny. Super cool human, can’t recommend enough.”

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