LEO NEW MOON at 26°♌35′ – Wed Aug 19, 02:42 UTC

No lunation rings as loud and clear-as-a-bell than a Leo New Moon. It chimes us back into the integrity of our being, and mind, body, heart and soul start to resonate in alignment with the core centre of our highest intelligence – the pink hot spot that is the nucleus of our individual creativity.

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Yeah… that’s because it’s true. It’s the truest you that you can be. That is the supreme power bestowed upon us by the Leo New Moon and conjunct the Mercury – the message is loud, proud and rightfully fierce.

Whether it comes to us via a single isolated experience, a series of coincidences, or some divinely-sent run-in with a magnificent soul who jolts us into a state of utter self-awareness, the Leo New Moon augurs a time when we pledge to be a better being, express ourselves more confidently, exhibit our inimitable specialness, take actions which are bold, courageous and true.

Sure, these are rather challenging, somewhat stifling times, and as the chart below shows, there are a number of stressful planetary influences acting to compromise our integrity on this lunation, elements that we must consider, especially if planets/points in our natal chart are specifically activated.

Chiefly, a precise quincunx to Saturn may feel increasingly irritating and testy, and those most affected may suffer tension without exactly knowing why. Adjoining influences from Pluto may cause us to suffer a dark, foreboding sense of inadequacy; tormented by hidden anxiety for no apparent reason. It is possible that something is dangling over our head, a heavy sense that we are unable to achieve what we intend. We may be plagued by all sorts of undisclosed guilt, like karmic debts that seem to emerge from nowhere, demanding to be repaid.

Here, it seems as if we’re destined to keep slaving away for others, doing hard labour in hope for some sign of gratitude or redemption from sins that we sense may never be granted. Yet, we sense too that any attempt to forcibly liberate ourselves via conflict or violent confrontation places us on a very dangerous collision course, one that could very well prove fatal.

The true source of our distrust and apprehension towards those who seem to be in control of our situation is unclear. We cannot easily repel them, and it adds insult to injury that they spare no reservations in getting increasingly demanding of us. It becomes obvious that those holding the reigns of control over our sovereignty possess an insatiable lust to achieve ultimate and supreme power, impose the full force of their control over us. They are enjoying manipulating the masses. Not only do they become more intent to ‘shelter’ everyone under the iron will of their protection; they use that age-old instrument of fear, promising ‘safety’ and ‘security’ in order to cement their power further upon the population.

So why do we let them?
Because to defy, decry or deny their absolute rule would immediately make us into an outlaw. And the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto cluster of planets is the most oppressive form of government-sanctioned peer-group pressure ever experienced. Well… maybe not ever, but relatively harsh for these times.

Those who claim supreme authority are adept at guiding public discussion through the use of cleverly spun political rhetoric, engineering situations that promote their own dominance through guilt and judgement that applies the full force of the masses. It is uncertain whether the status quo can actually see how they are in fact orchestrating their ultimate downfall. They seem half-inebriated on their own power, oblivious to the greater consequence of what is going on. Ignorance of others’ sovereign rights and feelings will not entitle them to rule with ease. Not for long. They should eventually learn that a complete change of tactics is required in order to quell the stress and gain a better handle over the recurring power struggles.

So how can we, as awakened, sovereign individuals prove ourselves in a world of such incessant drudgery? How can we be allowed to shine at doing what we do best when we are forced to be subservient and self-effacing to an instrument of such comprehensive tyranny and despair? We have become extremely isolated, our personal power weakened through lack of opportunity to socialise, denied all sorts of innocent pleasures, intimacy, sexuality, deprived of any opportunity to be exultant in our work, exhibit our special talents and artistic gifts.

In any scenario where the world’s most banal problems are stifling our capacity to appropriate our heart-sourced energy in ways which are creative and beneficial, we must perform a full-scale resurrection. Here, the alchemising force of Saturn/Pluto, that slow, methodical pressure is melting us down in its sacred crucible, transforming mere mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.

[art: @lam_buja]

Yet, it is not at all comfortable to go through. Still, we cannot deny or ignore that something incredible is happening. So how can we try to change things when who knows what might happen? Isn’t it better to have certainty of long-term oppression with some discomfort than to brave the perils of creating utter chaos and uncertainty if things go wrong?

Most likely, we will continue to obstinately obscure our own light. We will buy into the ‘science’ that they use to disprove the spiritual. We will deny our faith in the divine out of contempt and fear of the unknown. We need to see that Saturn/Pluto’s insufferable toils have their value, and though they threaten to crush our body, our spirit need not be undermined by them. Today’s scientific experts and scholars are only giving us a homogenised, scrubbed-down version of reality, devoid of everything mystical and spiritual in life – a knowledge born out of pure fear and limitation of utter horror and discontent.

Perhaps, there are those few who know much more but wish to keep those secrets to themselves. Under the immense pressure of this monumental crisis, our individual sovereignty – our heart of hearts – feels forced to give shape to the most positive outcomes of this alchemising agent, yet we are in half-minds. We keep being served up with a tasteless version of science, where the fools of today blindly follow their equally blind leaders.

We must come to a place of certainty about ourselves.
Where is our integrity, damnit?

The Mars/Eris trine to this glorious Leo lunation adds vigour and verve to our fight for individual sovereignty. As conscious, awakened souls, we must strive to gain greater self-confidence by building self-discipline and apply some solid, hard work at what we do best. Sobriety and industry are necessary if we are to undertake serious studies on how to build a stronger self, as well as a more progressive system of government, tapping into the subconscious and focusing on esoteric disciplines.

This much is crucial if we hope to get a deeper understanding of the challenges posed to us by this pressing time. Areas of law, business management, education, media, as well as personal creativity and physical endeavours are all under reconstruction. When we can function in a more conscious and structured way, knowing that despite being just one small cog in the machinery of the universe, we can actually rejoice that we each have our own exceptional job to do.

It, therefore, behoves us to form a realistic perception of life, so that our expectations are not too excessive and unrealistic. Knowing our integral selves means knowing whatever is in front of us. Nothing is oppressive if we rise above the limitations of fear. Only our lack of inner clarity diffuses our will power. When we are intrinsically certain of our capabilities, we can shape our external world like putty in our hands, impress upon it the creative blueprint from our innermost world. The animation of our being out of a raw soul-substance is the art of pure alchemy.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx


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