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On the SUN OPPOSING PLUTO @23°♑44’℞

The degree of projection going on right now is at insane levels. In amidst the darkest times, cemented by Saturn’s presence, when the demons of our darkest dreams and our subconscious have been unleashed and allowed to run rife; where anger mixed with fear and envy and raging disdain for all the hurt of the ages start to swell, it’s all quite easy to throw shade on others.

When the Capricorn shadow of ambitiousness and lust for control, power and status in society is repressed, the inborn guilt of failing to live up to one’s potential is projected outwards, as if we blame the stifling conditions of our lives upon society or on individuals who have attained some level of success.

It is important to keep in mind that the United States has Pluto in Capricorn, now approaching its 248-year return (2022). As a nation, its overidentification as a world power is reaching a point where it must be restructured in order to evolve. This also includes other Capricorn nations, which deny their need to look inside at the internal guilt and shame carried through generational oppression, systemic abuse, institutional theft and enslavement of its peoples. Wars that will deflect this need to look within are not out of the question.

We can blame our parents, bosses, governments and constitutions for the castration of our personal power to ‘make it’ in the world. This is especially so at a time when our careers and businesses, our socially defining roles are being repressed during the heavy measures being imposed by state laws, thanks to this ‘pandemic’.

This is not a ‘winner’s’ attitude. With envious Eris forming a T-square, the pernicious energy flying about can be extremely destructive. Either they want to kill you, fuck you or be you… after all, jealousy, possessiveness and envy are the malignant tumours of the soul. 

At its essence, the dark phenomenon we are experiencing is nothing more than a collective pressure to change our ways. It is true, the old economic order is based on a hierarchical system that allows only a chosen few to merit and reap society’s greatest rewards. It has done this by tight control and denial of the growth and success of the collective spirit, which itself seeks to evolve. Under any system deemed to be oppressive, the individual spirit seeks release through dreams and unconscious expressions of resentment, hatred and aspersion towards whomever it sees as its oppressor.

Mostly unconscious, these projections are directed at specific individuals who represent ‘the state’, often through most destructive and paranoid attitudes, neglect of personal duties as a complete forfeit or abandonment of social responsibility, hence forcing others to impose yet heavier, more onerous parental-style measures in order to control them. This is why things may get darker and darker, at least for the many who are in denial.

The Sun-Pluto opposition marks a time when we are forced to see how our emotional withdrawal into toxic personal habits is created by our perceived powerlessness to proceed in tomorrow’s world. If the evolutionary intent is that we must learn to develop our own internal security, then we must stop for a moment and repose, not bitch and blame. Stop, at least long enough to see how you alone are responsible for this disempowerment of your will. It is not your father, husband, boss, government, nation or some famously successful person that is to blame, although they certainly have a hand in things if you unconsciously choose to give your power of responsibility away.

Your projections are a direct expression of your soul’s guilt for having given your creative power away. You (and only you) can do something to change that…

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