JUPITER SEXTILE NEPTUNE – “Life could be a dream.”

[pic: robert roozenbeek]

JUPITER SEXTILE NEPTUNE – “Life could be a dream.”

The tendency towards gullibility is super-high now, especially if you’re keen to satisfy your own needs and desires. You may throw caution to the wind as far as the plausibility of an opportunity that you think has come your way. Belief in the propensity of any offers to pay off will later be revealed to be merely self-deception. It’s because you’re letting your wildest emotions be part of your ‘understanding something properly’ process.

All I want to say is that sitting beside your most cherished dreams is the prospect of disappointment. Careful not to breathe in your own toxic fumes.

JUPITER is currently conjunct the hideous PLUTO.

Go get some fresh air;
take time out to look at things from other people’s emotional point of view; (what’s their investment/hidden design in getting you to believe the unbelievable?)
be more cautious about what you choose to buy into;
check what might be the source of that “pot of gold” over the rainbow’.

Always, look that gift horse in the mouth…

[This transit, to some extent, will TAKE US OUT TO NOVEMBER- see graphic below]

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