Due to his oppressive force, Pluto problems become bottled up tightly,
they sort of seethe deep within,
sometimes for years,
sometimes lifetimes,
encrypted in a secret sub-cthonic chamber,
waiting silently to unleash their transformative power.

We all know they have the potential to completely remake us
or to take us out.

Repressed, or ‘dark’ matters can develop into toxic problems,
regardless of how well-masked and obscured using manipulation of ignorance, intimidation and abuse and torture.

Kept internally or administered secretly through our ‘projects’, we all feel the invisible effects of stress, especially during such exceptionally heavy transits.

And it’s immaterial whether or not we have the courage to admit that the dark, corrosive energy’s a problem that we must all work on.

Anyway, the point is, from time to time, the pressure reaches a critical mass.
Since every oppressive force eventually must let up, at the first vulnerable moment we witness what’s known as force-majeure.

(That’s when all hell breaks loose…)

we are here

Those who can see the night sky will notice the moon heading over towards Jupiter/Saturn. Pluto is hiding far, far behind Jupiter, currently dancing retrograde with goddess Athena.

Mars, over in Aries about to set off the wounded Chiron, our chastised activist. That’ll sharpen up lots of skills and tools for ‘remedying’ the situation, especially by the Leo New Moon (Jul 19).

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