A flurry of planets in retrograde, Mars entering Aries, Saturn’s return to Capricorn, a tight conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto and Pallas squaring Eris, and the final lunar eclipse on July 4, impacting the chart of the USA to lead us into the second half of 2020.

It is a phenomenally potent period of planets transiting through Cardinal signs, at a time when you, and everyone in the world is trying to find their way through the greatest global crisis ever recorded since the last World War.
Are we at war? If so, who or what are we fighting?
Overall, what is the purpose and desired outcome of all our applied energies, now accumulating both within and without and drawing battle lines?
Will we find peace, balance and some sense of order if we go the fight, a descent into strife and discord, the source of which many of us struggle even to see, let alone understand?

Join me in an hour, as we continue to take a look at how these energies affect our will to see things, preferably without bias and greater perspective using the Astrology of Now.

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