The keynote of Venus is “love”, “rhythm”, “harmony”, so if you want to know the nature of her operation, simply substitute ‘Venus’ for ‘Love’.

Venus does not flaunt herself. She is not hyped up, seeks not her own, rejoices not in iniquity but in truth, accepts all, allows all, endures all. These premises all apply to Venus since it’s her feminine force which provides the unifying bond between all members of the human race. Like a penetrating love-ray, her intent to affect pierces deeply through the heart of every living being like a mother’s magnetic pull towards her infant.

Venus signifies the mating call of the courting youth and of the nubile maiden; puts out and attracts alike, flattening out the creases of our connubial affairs. She is eternally burning incense at her sacred altar of affection and from her garden of love, blossoms the finest flowers whose dazzling fragrance sweetens even the most wretched of souls with a celestial perfume that elevates them (for the time being) to the status of ‘gods’.

Yet, when Venus is afflicted by squares/oppositions, all her exalted qualities become tarnished and spoiled and she takes on a repulsive, distasteful character (according to the shadow nature of her affliction). ‘Love’ turns to lust, erotic revelry and aberration; beauty turns into slovenliness and sloth, and that easy ‘give-and-take’ she has with others turns into selfish, grasping pursuance of exploitation.

Her sustained square to Neptune from Gemini (all this month) produces an air of suspicion and distrust of others. If we’ve ever been cheated or lied to, it triggers creepy sensations of deception and deceit – feelings that we may badly be let down, or promises (whether actual or implicit) will have reneged. Of course, under the retrograde, it is likely that we’re only getting back the very shade cast by our own inner projections of suspicion and lack of trust into the world.

Suddenly, those whom we thought we loved (and loved us) seem to be pulling a dirty trick on us, and we, well… [here’s a sample horoscope for you…]

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