[pic: tony curtis & jack lemon, 1995, by annie leibovitz]

Strive to be refined, sociable, uniquely captivating.

Endeavour to be autonomous and independent.

Make some of your dreams a reality.

Use your gift of intuition.

Know what people will desire in the future, what their wishes are and what they want right now.

Lead for the future by being in the present.

Stay inquisitive, employ an investigative mind

Aim to fix what’s broken

Put things together by understanding their inner workings

Explore your own inner workings.

Control your temper.

Help those in your circle who appear to be unhappy or upset.

Don’t neglect to enjoy the beauty of the present because you’re too busy planning for the future.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have now.

The world is waiting for you.

Your madcap genius today will be just as appreciated tomorrow, if not more.


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