The Pink Supermoon, at 18°44′ LIBRA is only hours from its peak. Do take a chance to look out your window, she is bigger and brighter than usual, and if you care to listen, she has many secrets to whisper our way.
Here’s what she says to our Leos (our gift horoscope message to you)………

…and as we discussed last week, there’s no question that we are perfectly poised to see just how much we believe is driven by deeper agendas, both from out there and in here. There’s no excuse for being a greedy, desperate and pathetic fool, and those who twist, hide or deny the truth risk having their actions exposed.

If we don’t stop and take stock, show some respect, at least to the reality of our situation, we could lose it all. Everyone.

Or perhaps that’s exactly what many of us are actually praying for. A massive cosmic reset, where we all have to start again. Careful what you wish for…

Horoscopes for all signs:

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