Cosmic Bus Tomorrow: LAST QUARTER MOON at 25°27′ Capricorn:

Next Tuesday’s LAST QUARTER MOON at 25°27′ Capricorn forms an intense Cardinal Square with the Aries Sun, highlighting just how much our desire to do what we want, as individuals, is being frustrated and thwarted by rules and limitations imposed upon us by conditions in the outer world.

It’s one of the most tense weeks in this, and tension builds like a pressure cooker.

Typically, we may try to buck against authority, since this phase of the lunation cycle precisely activates the PALLAS ATHENA/JUPITER/PLUTO conjunction, as well as the square to ERIS, triggering all the midpoints.

It is also a sign that many of us reach a personal stress point were we legitimately wage a gritty war against the draconian measures of government, patriarchal traditions and “The Establishment”, largely run by certain Plutocrats and hidden powermongers.

The struggle feels ever more real, the oppressiveness feels overwhelmingly heavy and dark. On tomorrow’s Cosmic Bus, we will discuss all the astrological factors that contribute to what quickly escalates into unprecedented social tension, economic and civil unrest.

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